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Purple Cloud Therapy Counselling can help you cope better with any difficulties you are facing.  It can enable you to explore these feelings, painful and emotional difficulties or perhaps something that is troubling you.


Purple Cloud Therapy can provide a safe space to explore your feelings in confidence at the pace you are comfortable with, in a non-judgement environment that meets the needs of individual clients.  



"It is that the individual has within himself or herself vast resources for self-understanding, for altering his or her self-concept, attitudes and self-directed behaviour - and that these resources can be tapped if only a definable climate of facilitative psychological attitudes can be provided." Carl Rogers (1986)    

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Counselling can help come to terms with any problems you are facing, with the objective of overcoming them. Life’s difficulty can be hard to comprehend at times and sharing these issues can be helpful and lighten the load when talking to a counsellor in a safe place without judgment.


We work closely with the leadership team in a school, to ensure that safeguarding issues are responded to appropriately and quickly. Use creative therapy, play therapy and art therapy to engage with children to provide emotional support and understand “their world” at their level.


Our weekly one-to-one sessions provide support to children who have a continued need for more intense work. Trained counsellors tailor sessions according to each child's needs, in an age-appropriate way. For younger children, our therapeutic approach encourages children to express themselves in non-verbal ways, for example through artwork or play.

Relationship Counselling​

Whether your relationship is struggling or facing real problems, counselling can help work through them. There are many people that feel counselling is only there for people when relationships are on the verge of a breakdown, it doesn’t have to be.  Couples can seek counselling to overcome problems that may seem trivial before it becomes any bigger or have a space to process some difficulties and worries. We can help with any situation in your relationship without judgement.

What is Relationship Counselling?

Our counsellors can provide therapeutic interventions in a supportive and caring environment to help couples overcome difficulties and problems they are facing, find a way to move forward or build healthy prospective relationships for the future. 


What can I expect in Relationship Counselling?

We work in a holistic and client focussed way and enable clients to take lead in how they wish to work.  Therefore, you may decide after the initial appointment/assessment, you want to come to counselling by yourself or your partner and/or choose to have a combination of solo and couple sessions.  

We would like to make your experience of relationship counselling as pleasant as possible and try to accommodate couples needs where able.  However the experience, you can feel reassured counselling will be confidential and non-judgemental.

relationship counselling


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