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Road traffic accidents and accidents at the work place is increasing problem and can pro-long insurance claims, and possibly be very costly for companies and organisations.  These events can cause hardship and effect individuals physically, emotionally and mentally.  As part of individuals rehabilitation, it can be very effective getting psychological help as well as physically such as seeing physiotherapists.  Talking through the struggles relating to the changes and that has happened due to life events, the distress it has caused can help with the recovery, and progress in getting better.

We take referrals from insurance companies as well as individuals clients that would like some support to cope, manage and process their thoughts and feelings in the intent to move forward.  We recognise the psychological impact of any trauma can be long term or short term, with the appropriate interventions in place, this can be reduced and help rebuild individuals lives efficiently and prevention of huge expenses.


We are aware many children and some adults are in the care of socials services. These individual have been through some very difficult and perhaps suffered immense hardship in life and are continuing to work through this.  Our aim is to provide a space where individuals can learn to trust and talk in a safe and confidential space.  To enable clients to feel safe and secure together with rebuild their own autonomy in becoming independent and make informed decisions.

We take social service referrals and work with social services to create a therapeutic programme to meet the client’s needs and deliver therapeutic interventions suitable for clients at the pace they are comfortable with and able to manage.


Some schools struggle with attendance and poor behaviour together with other issues, we are aware that there is a lot more behind this.  Our aim is to support schools, students, parents and carers to get back on track with their learning by providing suitable therapeutic interventions to meet the needs of students.  We feel by providing a healthy environment, safe and confidential space, we can encourage students to explore what is going on for them and work through their difficulties.  As a result, we hope to empower students to build their autonomy, have a voice and make informed and positive decisions/choices that will mould/shape their future in a positive way.


Absences in a work place are a growing issue for employers which later can lead to disciplinary and grievances.  With work stresses and life events being an added problem, employers are seen to not do enough for employees. Employees often feel unsupported by their employers, or employers are unsure how to do this.  By providing counselling and therapy for employees to help deal with their struggles can encourage good working relationships and work environment and reduce absences.


It can also be an added benefit for recruitment as an incentive to work for a particular company/organisation.  When employees feel supported and understood, their wellbeing is seen to be important to organisations it can help reduce absences, sickness and people taking time off work due to work stress or disciplinary, and maintain a work life balance, it will attract the right work force and set a positive attitude at work.


We provide counselling service over the telephone or through video call via a webcam or mobile device.  Although we recommend face-to-face counselling, we offer this service for those who are unable to attend any of our satellite offices or prefer telephone counselling.

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