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Purple Cloud Therapy ​


Purple Cloud Therapy can provide a safe space to explore your feelings in confidence at the pace you are comfortable with, in a non-judgement environment that meets the needs of individual clients.  


Counselling can help you cope better with your life and any difficulties you are facing.  It can enable you to explore these feelings, painful and emotional difficulties or perhaps something that is troubling you.

Purple Cloud Therapy can provide a safe space to explore your feelings in confidence at the pace you are comfortable with, in a non-judgement environment that meets the needs of individual clients.  




Trust in your Journey.

Some of the difficulties helped with include:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Loss or Bereavement

  • Trauma

  • Self Harm

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Abuse

  • Illnesses including long term

  • Life Events

  • Personal Difficulties & Struggles

We are mindful of child protection and safeguarding procedures and protocols to ensure that whilst supporting young people, we help keep them safe, these are managed as well as respecting children’s and young people’s confidentiality and boundaries.

Working with children and Young people using various therapeutic tools such as Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Creativity to support individuals with:

  • Parental Divorce & Separation

  • New stepparents/siblings

  • Loss & Bereavement

  • School transition

  • Witnessing/experienced domestic violence in the family home

  • Pregnancy

  • Identity/sexual identity

  • Relationships at school, with siblings, parents/guardians & peers

  • Personal struggles & difficulties

Our Therapists


I’m a qualified and experienced Person-Centred counsellor. I have particular experience working with women, children, students, young people and minority ethnic groups.


Counselling can help come to terms with any problems you are facing, with the objective of overcoming them. Life’s difficulty can be hard to comprehend at times and sharing these issues can be helpful and lighten the load when talking to a counsellor in a safe place without judgement.


I can offer you a safe, respectful space which will enable you to talk in confidence about your difficulties and emotional issues in a non-judgemental environment, explore your feelings and thoughts. 


There may be various issues you are struggling with that counselling can help such as significant life events, trauma, family issues, ill-health, loss or bereavement, domestic abuse, or changes you wish to make to your lifestyle, self-improvement and development, improve wellbeing. You would be at the heart of each session, focusing on as little or as much as you are comfortable with, and my organic approach would be mindful of your individuality.


Working with young children I use a variety of therapeutic tools, including play therapy to engage in difficult issues, particularly with children who are limited in relaying their feelings in words. This encourages children to articulate their emotions in the way they are comfortable with and suitable to their personal need.  Perhaps, the only way they know how to.

An initial appointment would establish if we are able to work with each other. Thereafter, I am able to offer short and long-term counselling, dependent what is suitable to you and your needs.


Marium is a Registered Mental Health Nurse as well as a trained EMDR therapist.

Marium has over 15 years experience in the field of mental health ranging from Community to Hospital Psychiatric Care. 

Marium specialises in the trauma focused therapy and works with a range of carefully selected techniques in order to deliver person centred therapy for each and every client. Therefor Marium has chosen to specialise in the use of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing to support clients who feel trapped with flashbacks, phobias, avoidance, emotion dysregulation, depression, anxiety, mood management, relationship difficulties and low self-esteem.  

Marium is a passionate registered mental health nurse and maintains her registration by continuing to practise in the field.

 She dedicates her time between working as a training consultant, her own private therapy practice and working for a charitable organisation delivering trauma specific therapy to women and children from the Black and Minority Ethnic Community.

Marium is currently embarking on research into Borderline personality disorder [BPD] and Post-traumatic Stress disorder [PTSD]

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